Amsterdam's coolest little brother boutique arrives on the scene 

If  The Dylan is the sophisticated older sibling among the boutique hotels, then Amsterdam's Morgan & Mees--a new hotel and restaurant in a discreet pocket of Amsterdam West--is its cool and nonchalant younger brother.

When we entered the hotel and walked through the door, the music playing throughout was Outkast' "Prototype". So we further confirmed that we were making good life choices. 

The music is just one indicator of the hotel's style. What Morgan & Mees achieves so effortlessly is its cool. Located inside a renovated historical building it retains all the elegance and charm with its dark wood floors that don't look precious, white tile and marble surfaces. A mirrored bar with gold light fixtures dangle astutely over a stunning marble top. Turn to your right and you enter a beautiful mini bar/reader's lounge. A vintage orange trufted settee sits against a white while with a chair rail that lines the room alongside a funky printed bench and complimentary pillows with geometric fabric. Frames and painted canvases line the wall. Don't fight the urge to Instagram the hell out of this space and replicate it (poorly) in your own apartment later.

The details are so enchanting that you realize you've spent so much time in just in one room ogling them. In the lobby, mind you. Walk across the entrance and find yourself inside the hotel's restaurant, serving up world class food and drinks. The dark wood floors are echoed in this space, but are now accompanied by beautiful and soft brown benches and white table tops that provide a view of the white subway tiles in the open kitchen. Large leaf plants stand erect in the corners of the room, flanked by either a very large abstract piece of art or several small picture frames forming a patterned gallery. Needless to say, one of our best nights spent in Amsterdam was walking down from our room and and languishing over a long meal here underneath the restaurant's soft lighting and beautifully crafted food and wine for hours until they closed.

The rooms at Morgan & Mees were pleasantly sizable for us. Realizing that Europe's accommodations are often smaller in overall square footage than many American hotels, we weren't expecting grand spaces to lay out all of our clothes. The rooms at Morgan & Mees were instead very linear and tall. Beautiful and open with a balcony and a view overlooking the street. 

The beds and linen are simple white, but plush. After 8 days of traveling around the city I think I had what they call a "bed-gasm" as I fell into bed and sank into the soft mattress. The duvet cover was a bonus. The room temperature is well regulated and was never too stuffy, even with the central air turned off. The restroom incorporates white tiles and black hardware for the sink and shower. You'll find yourself wanting to inquire where the wonderful scents in the room are coming from. Each room like a different woman carrying her own scent that lingers even after you've left.

Stand-out Features

  • Wonderful 24 hour concierge service
  • Mix of vintage and modern decor
  • Bar and restaurant serving classic food 
  • Oak wood floors in each room
  • Modern bathrooms with white subway tiles
  • Dutch bikes available for use for guests
  • Stairwell in rooms leading up to bed.
  • Dream decor for art lovers
  • City views



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