Amsterdam's sole 5-star boutique hotel rests in a league of its own

Not one that ever intended for it's design to fit into a box, the cheeky hotel's aesthetic gives a playful wink at anyone who stays because each room offers a one-of-a-kind experience with Amsterdam's only 5-star hotel tows a wonderful balance of shirking tradition and delivering a funky design model of its own that puts a focus on sharp style and individuality.

While luxury can be found dripping in the tufted leather seats, the exquisite mahogany chairs in the lobby that hosts everyone from business men to the tourists in PUMA high tops (raises hand), the hotel also flirts with an understated modern minimalism.

Located in the heart of Amsterdam's charming and popular Keizersgracht canal in the city's historic center, The Dylan stands as a cool 5-star beacon of luxury. Several different Dutch architects and designers were hired to essentially infuse each hotel room and interior with their own aesthetic. No one style persists throughout the multiple rooms offered, creating a more personal connection to each room. One room sits adorned in sunlight, wooden beams stretch across the ceiling and cascade down the walls. A spiral staircase leads up to a small portal to the powder room. While another room feels transports you elsewhere with its eclectic mashup of pink an purple velvet seating, tall and ornate armoires and mixed-wood furniture and fantastic canal view. No two room layouts are the same by any stretch.

The Dylan has three sister hotels. The other two are in New York and Dublin. But in Amsterdam, visitors are treated to a line of stylish Dutch bikes that are lined in the front courtyard and are free for guests. If hanging out indoors is more your speed, treat yourself to the beautiful bar and lounge that drips in rich mahogany wood floors and soft camel-colored leather bar stools. Or languish in the courtyard that lives directly own the hall from the main entrance where you're treated to an indoor-outdoor space that's lined with a U-shaped row of white tables and planted trees.


  • The classy Dutch bikes available free for guests to peruse the city
  • Gorgeous courtyard 
  • Spacious and comfortable rooms
  • Excellent concierge service
  • Gym available for guests
  • Beautiful canal views, but not for every room


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